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Webinar: The enhanced Prosci Methododology for successful change projects

Free Webinar from CCB, 19th October, 6:30 p.m.


The world is changing and customer expectations of many organisations are changing along with it. Major organisational changes are also subject to ever-increasing complexity. In response to this and to prepare for future change trends, Prosci has released seven key enhancements to its methodology in 2021. The enhanced Prosci methodology is easier to implement and we can add real value to the success of your change. This webinar will introduce you to these key enhancements and is aimed at Prosci Practitioners or people who are already familiar with the Prosci methodology.

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CCB network is a collaboration of Prosci affiliated organisations. Bringing years of change management consultancy work and Prosci training to the table. Check out the following possibilities:

  • Advanced training’s: Management training, Advanced immersion workshop, Agile and change management & more…
  • Change management consultancy: International level changes while incorporating the local knowledge of our Partners.
  • Coaching during your own change traject, bridging the gap between graduating and fully applying.


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